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Decorative garden pit: the magic of fire in landscape design

Decorative garden pit: the magic of fire in landscape design

To look at concrete examples is much more interesting than to argue abstractly. That is why we suggest you to evaluate those modern fireplaces and hearths that are offered by Prescona. Looking at specific examples, you will surely make sure that the bonfire in landscape design is an excellent solution, which must necessarily be taken into consideration.

Surprisingly, the design can decorate the focus-ball. In the balloon, a fire is lit, which fills with forged shapes and creates a beautiful picture. In addition to the presented picture, you can offer your own version, which you like.

At the same time, the hearth-bowl is a convenient and beautiful solution. In this case, the fire will be dissolved on the surface of the metal bowl. Compared with other solutions, the chalice makes it possible to breed a large fire that can create a pleasant atmosphere and heat a lot of people around.

A peculiar combination of the hearth-ball and the hearth-cup is a hemispherical focus. This open hearth for a fire is good in that it provides full access to the fire. In addition, it looks quite original. It is also possible to manufacture according to individual characteristics.

The variety of decorative fireplace offered by Prescona is based on the same principle. A rectangular or circular hearth is placed in a convenient place in the courtyard, and chairs are placed around it. Thus, the necessary atmosphere is created for an evening rest.

A universal element of the interior is a barbecue table. It serves not only as a source for creating an atmosphere, but also for preparing delicious meat dishes. The standard design of such a table is optimal, but any ideas of the customer can also be implemented.


Prescona also offers floor grills of various types. They can be easily moved, and solutions for the appearance of grills are represented by many. However, the customer’s imagination is not at all limited. If you have your own preferences, Prescona will make a grill for your order.

In addition to the street fires themselves, you can also purchase all the necessary accessories for fireplaces.

If you are looking for an opportunity to decorate the space of your yard, there is nothing better than buying a fireplace from Prescona. The company offers a large number of different solutions for landscape design. In addition, you can make a personal order, getting as a result the ideal for you a street focus.

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